Robocobra Quartet

After Talk Show at Rough Trade, I hopped on the 205 bus up to The Lexington to catch Robocobra Quartet. A band I knew nothing about until a friend who saw them at End of the Road, thought they would be my thing.

Sadly, the bus was delayed and the band were finishing their second song when I arrived. My phone was also warning me that the late trains were cancelled. So this was going to have to be a short visit.

It is easy to compare this group to bands like Black Country New Road, or given the vocalist drummer, Squid. But in fact, this Belfast band were around first and are already on their third album, which has had many positive reviews.

Unusually for a band of this ilk, they do not have guitars providing the melody. Instead they have various saxophones laying down anarchic rhythms while the drummer talks streams of thought over them.

They were right up my street.

Sadly, I had to depart before the end of their set due to the issues with the trains. But this short set has left me wanting more.