Sea Power at Islington Assembly Hall (Saturday)

Last night was all the old faces. Tonight was a sea of new faces, drawn in by Sea Power’s game soundtrack. From messages after the gig from people asking for photo of themselves, there was also an international flavour and for many, it seemed to have been their first rock gig. It was so nice to see.

While the set list was pretty much the same, it felt fresh because the new crowd were more familiar with the game music and songs that maybe would be a chance to take breath, were the songs the audience were most up for. Like the previous two nights, Atom was monumental with air raid sirens and Martin crowd surfing. What a first gig to experience. I hope we were welcoming and they come to future gigs.

Support tonight was from Butch Kassidy, a highlight from last year’s Great Escape. They played a fantastic dark thundering set. I really hope they are invited to Sea Power’s summer festival.

Set list

All in It
Lights Out for Darker Skies
No Lucifer
Waving Flags
Canvey Island
Down on the Ground
A Trip Out
The Great Skua
No Need to Cry
Open the Door


Cleaning Out the Rooms
Two Fingers
Fire Escape in the Sea
Remember Me
Carrion / All in It