Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage

It wasn’t really a photography night. Jeffrey played at the other side of the stage from my usual Lexington position. (Always to the right of the stage). I have only seen Jeffrey once before. But that was enough to add him to my ‘must see’ list. He is such an engaging character. One of those artists who can pull off the geeky-cool look. His gigs are full of fun, thought provoking songs, that sound great spoken in his New York accent and accompanied by his fantastic art work. Tonight’s gig flew by so quickly. He did have a bit of a stumble at one point, with a reference to the Ukraine / Russia war that missed its mark with the audience. He was just trying to make people think about their news sources. He knew immediately we were a little more close minded than he maybe thought a London crowd might be. But isn’t that part of his charm? He tells stories from a different perspective. Well done for at least trying to make us think.