About ‘Down At The Front’

Man with hands in air, enjoying music

In our opinion, being down at the front of a gig is the only place to experience live music. This is an online website from those weirdos who are at the front of the queue at all the gigs you go to. You might also find us in the photo pit doing our best not to obscure your view. ‘Down at the Front’ is a London and Hertfordshire based online fanzine celebrating new music.Music and music photography is our passion and we aim to cover a wide range of music from pop to classical with a focus on up and coming artists.

We feel it is important to pay for the events we review. While we may have an occasional photo pass, we only ask for passes at events where we have purchased a ticket. We are first and foremost music fans and venues and musicians need our support. If we don’t like a band, it doesn’t mean you won’t. So please don’t be out off from seeing somebody, simply because they didn’t work for us. Go and make up your own mind.

If you are Hertfordshire based. Check out our monthly Hertfordshire gig guide for recommendations of local gigs. Please contact us if you have an event you would like us to feature. Please note. We do not feature cover bands. While they play a vital part in keeping grassroots venues open. This website focuses on new music.

If your band is featured on the website, you are more than welcome to use our photographs on your socials (unless they feature a logo). Please credit @downatthefront where possible. If in doubt. Please contact us and we will try and accommodate your request.

Contact Details

General enquiries, including queries about using photographs: contactus@downatthefront.co.uk

Twitter and Instagram: @downatthefront