Lael Neale

Lael Neale’s latest album ‘Star Eaters Delight’ has been on constant rotation. With stripped back indie pop sensibilities and a timelessness, it is one of my favourite albums of the year. I caught up with her at the Great Escape, kind of hoping that her performance didn’t work live so I could have a night off and recover from the festival. That was not the case. Instead I was absolutely captivated by her performance.

Accompanying Lael on this tour playing keyboards and guitar is Guy Blakeslee who produced the album. They both play with a disconnect from the music, almost emotionless. Lael plays her omnicord with hypnotic little swipes of her fingers across the surface. It is almost like I’m watching an old recording of musicians from 1950s American TV where they weren’t allowed to be too exuberant. They create a mesmerising timelessness. Even when Guy lets go and plays his guitar with some gusto, his face remains emotionless.

None of this would work without expertly crafted songs. These songs really are bare bones indie pop. Somehow they pull strings so the songs feel familiar, while also sounding fresh. I found the whole evening completely beautiful and fascinating.