Therapy? are one of those ‘nearly bands’. When I was a Uni in the early 90s, their ‘Shortsharpshock EP’ followed by the ‘Troublegum’ album were one few albums that both the Indie Kids and Metal kids liked. But despite the good reception, Therapy? never really ‘broke’.

20 years late, they’re still going strong, with a small but extremely loyal following. Tonight’s gig was the last night of three to celebrate this feat and to record material for their first live album. The gig was at the Monto Water Rats, a small venue about 5 minutes from Kings Cross. But perfect for miking up to capture a great live experience.

Tonight, Therapy? played a diverse range of songs covering most of their albums. Each night they apparently played a different set. You know when you go to a Therapy? gig that these guys will put in 100% and tonight they did not disappoint and they pounded their way through the set. Although they didn’t play much from the ‘Troublegum’ era, tonight was the best I’ve seen them play. I guess knowing that they were being records, along with playing at such a small venue meant that they band seemed to relax and enjoy the experience as much as we were.