Low Anthem at the Union Chapel

Low Anthem’s 2008 album ‘Oh My God, Charlie Darwin’ is pretty much a perfect album and I had forgotten how good it is. Tonight’s intimate gig at the Union Chapel allowed me to reacquaint myself with this beautiful album, played in full by the current lineup.

The lighting guy had warned me the Chapel’s lights were going to be down at 15%. So tonight wasn’t a photography night and to be honest, knowing the chapel well from photographing the weekly Daylight Music (and occasionally setting up the lights), the Chapel is usually part of what makes the event so special. But it was a good decision.

The low light put the entire focus on the band and the music and it was so beautiful. Each song was like reading a chapter in a favourite book that you haven’t read for a long time. The joy of rediscovering what you first loved about the album and hearing it with fresh ears.

At the end, they rightly recieved a standing ovation. This was a special concert.