Gigs for Gaza

You can tell when an artist truly believes in a cause. Often with gigs like this, they are a no brainer for artists to do. With profits going to medical charities trying their best to deal with innocent Palestinians caught up in Israel’s war on ‘Hamas’, simply playing shows your support. But some artists show they really care about causes by doing something special. Tonight Nadine Shah showed how much this cause means to her, with one of the best performances I’ve seen by her and she always sets such a high back. Stripped back, like her recent album launch shows, her amazing voice was often dialled back, cracking with emotion. Nadine’s always been known for the other side of her performance. With the emotion coming from her strong vocals. I think her recent stint acting has helped her develop emotion through smaller actions and sounds, because tonight, it was in the quiet moments, when she was showing amazing control of her voice, that she was simply spine-tingling.

Mynk and Alberta Cross provided their support for the evening