Label Mates at the Shacklewell Arms (Saturday 14th March 2015)

A short visit to the Shacklewell tonight. I’d been persuaded that Mourn playing up the road at Birthdays would be a better use of my time. But there was still time to grab a few acts before heading there. Obviously it was running late……

First up was Lower Slaughter. A weird little band. The lead singer sang in a ‘childish voice’ and then screamed over music. At times he was like a possessed hyperactive child who’d eaten too much sugar. Entertaining to watch, but I didn’t like their music. Still as long as they keep him away from scissors, I’m sure we’ll all be safe.

Label Mates (Sat 14th): Lower Slaughter

The only other band I caught tonight, was Royal Limp. I liked the singers vocals and the music was interesting enough to hold my attention.

Label Mates (Sat 14th): Royal Limp