January Summary

A cold January of mostly decent new music. Unfortunately, I  was unable to get to three gigs, so I’ll have to catch The Cult of Dom Keller, FURS and Menace Beach some other time.

New bands are in italics

Bands I liked:

Psyence, Saint AgnesTaman Shud, AsylumsMarthaJagaaraThee MVP’s, HindsJunkboyVenus LyxThe Fauns, British Sea Power

Bands I didn’t dislike:

Tusks, CuT, Fulhäst, Laura Groves, Vants, Woman’s Hour, Gold Vox, Plu, Darren Hayman, Papas and the Mamas

Bands I won’t be going out of my way to see again:

Evans the Death, Alma Elste, Henry Green, Cold Ocean Lies, Catenary Wives

Best gig:
British Sea Power at the Barbican. I’d waited for it after it had been cancelled. I wasn’t sure if I’d like a brass band. I did.

Best new band:
Jagaara – Really enjoyed this band. Pop indie. But good pop indie.

Best photo:

Fauns at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen