Daylight Music 361

A new venue for Daylight Music, St Catherine’s on Telegraph Hill in South London, a place I rarely go to for a gig. It is just too much hassle getting back from. As this was a daytime gig it made things far easier. Getting there was still a pain. But probably no worse than getting to Leytonstone.

Today’s event was focused on just two artists who then combined for a final set, The Guildhall Saxophone Ensemble and the London Accordion Orchestra. Both have played at Daylight Music before.

The pieces by the Accordion Orchestra varied from pieces that challenged my idea of the range an orchestra of accordions could offer, to pieces that sounded very ‘French cafe’.

The Guildhall Saxophone Ensemble are made up of the wonderfully talented Guildhall students. Every time they play, their talent is humbling, today was no different.

The final set, saw the two combine wonderfully. Who would have thought saxophones and accordions would work together. But they blended beautifully.