Saint Agnes

It is several years since I last saw Saint Agnes. Always a band to put in an energetic performance. Tonight’s gig, a cosy preview of songs off their soon to be released album, Bloodsuckers, seemed like a good chance to see what has changed with them.

The most obvious change, was a tweak to the band’s dynamic. The band was formed by Kitty A Austen and Jon James Tufnell. Kitty has always had a striking stage presence but early gigs felt like the Kitty and Jon band. Tonight it seemed clear they have taken a decision that she was the front person. This backs up a lot of the pre-album imagery with Kitty front and centre. While I can understand why, I did like when they shared vocals. With Kitty front and centre, she spent less time on guitar and more time performing, something she excels at. So the change does work.

The new material seems to have shifted away from the heavy blues rock of ‘Welcome to Silvertown’ to a more amped up, metallic sound which suited their live performances. For me, I preferred their earlier sound. But in the end it doesn’t overly mater. Saint Agnes has always been about their live performances and this one was just as exhilarating.