Hamish Hawk at Scala

After catching him at last year’s Great Escape, I have been impressed by the charming Hamish Hawk. Every time I have seen him play, others who were unaware of him, have become instant fans, just like I did when he was recommended to me. It is his humbleness, combined with indie music with pop sensibilities and great lyrics that draws people in.

With his new album, ‘Angel Numbers’ released a few days before the gig. It meant the audience had a chance to acclimatise themselves with the new songs that formed the backbone of the set. The new songs sit well in the set. ‘Money’, is fast becoming my favourite. Another favourite, ‘Elvis Look-alike Shadows’, starts with a Simple Minds sting and has delightful lyrics that explores some of the insecurity of the performer. Luckily, at sell-out Scala, Hamish didn’t have to worry about ‘Just one yawn from the crowd’. We were all enjoying ourselves too much.