Originally called Fish, until FISH complained. ‘Sorry’ was their response. I saw them a few times playing places like the Lock Tavern (when it was still a music venue) and then after their switch of names, there was a 12 month period where they seemed to pick up regular support slots on bigger tours. But I haven’t seen them for a few years now. Tonight’s Rough Trade gig was to celebrate their great new album, ‘Anywhere but Here’. I have to admit, tonight I was completely unimpressed by what I saw. Lead singer Asha seemed hyper or maybe nervous. She was constantly ‘fidgeting’ as she played and at times her singing was completely lost against the music as she was singing too far away from the mic. I had been looking forward to see them live to see how far they had come since those early days. Clearly on album, they are progressing. Hopefully, they were just rusty and need a few gigs under their belt.