Bryde at Folklore

Folklore is a new venue for me. It is a lovely little venue. However, it is a bit far away from a station. The extra 15 minute walk may not seem like much, but when you are reliant on catching trains home after gigs. Anything that adds to the time taken to get back to St Pancras, can be the difference between getting to bed at 2am or 3am. (I have photos to process after I get home). So it might not be a venue I return to very often.

The space wasn’t big. I was expecting Bryde to play a solo set, but surprisingly it was an intimate full set. I can see in Bryde the creative tension, lockdown has caused. Her last album was hardly toured, while the new album needs to be played and she has already moving on to her next album and wants to start to put new songs in to the set. Meanwhile, both her albums are still new to us. The set list showed this tension. Songs from the last two albums fighting for space. The natural selection of songs that make the long term set list hasn’t happened yet. It must be so difficult for artists who have two albums to tour.

Sadly. With it being an intimate show. I felt I had to put the camera in silent mode and use the small fixed lens backup Fuji I had with me. (Not that the other photographers did). However, the LED lights were interfering with my camera. So you can see interference patterns in many of the photos. But they give you and idea of the evening.

  • The Trouble Is
  • 80 Degrees
  • Fast Awake
  • Algorithms
  • Wait
  • ??
  • ??
  • Hill I’m Dying On
  • To Be Loved
  • Honey
  • Help Yourself
  • To Be Brave
  • Files
  • Still
  • Less