British Sea Power at the Cambridge Junction

I was so looking forward to this gig. British Sea Power playing Cambridge on a Bank Holiday would mean a pleasant day taking photos around Cambridge on what I imagined to be a sunny day, probably having a nice pint or two of beer (I’d been off beer for several weeks) and then heading to the gig. Instead, I was struggling with a debilitating cough and by the time I reached Cambridge, the weather had turned into a cold grey day, the kind that’s not suitable for decent photos or walking around when you lack any real energy and full of cold. So instead of walking around, I ended up sitting in a cafe drinking cups of tea.

Luckily the gig did improve my spirits. It was the usual good performance from the band. Unfortunately, I was in the crowd rather than my usual position at the front as I was meeting a friend who wanted to see what BSP were like and therefore I didn’t get there for doors opening. So the gig never hit the really high points some BSP gigs hit. But it was still and enjoyable evening.