Black Doldrums at the Horn

I haven’t seen Black Doldrums since 2018 but I had a vague memory of liking what I heard. As a friend’s band, The Vaulted Skies were supporting. It seemed like a good opportunity to refresh my memory.

It was the first time I had seen The Vaulted Skies since before lockdown. Featuring yet another new drummer, this was a core set featuring some of my favourite songs. With their gothy Cure inspired songs, they were a perfect support and start to the evening.

The Vaulted Skies

Sadly, one of the support bands had pulled out. This meant the attendance was a little low. But there was still a reasonable amount who stuck around to see an excellent set from the Black Doldrums. Playing gothy heavy, but very danceable psych. I have to admit. I was sure they were a duo. But they worked perfectly as a three piece with the bass and drums combining to help me works up a sweat up as I danced along.

Weirdly, at one point the singer, Kevin Gibbard, ventured out into the crowd and handed out envelopes. Not sure what was in them. I think they might have been lyrics. I think even those who received the envelopes were as confused as me.

I really can’t allow it to be four years before I next see them. Despite their name, they lifted my spirit tonight.

Set List

Sad Paradise
Sleepless Nights
There is no Eye
Those With A Rope Around Their Neck (Don’t Always Hang)
Now You Know This
Mae’s Desire
Dandy Massacre

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