Gustaf at the Moth Club

I have been hearing so many good things about New York band, Gustaf. Over for the Great Escape. This was the first of two nights at the Moth Club. Originally billed with Kills Birds in support. The evening was expanded to five bands. A tall call on a Monday evening and for those who travel into London for gigs, problematic to travel into London for a 6.30 start and risking very late night trains if it ran over. But with so many bands in the UK for Great Escape who have been unable to travel, I guess it was a good idea.

First up was Shady Nasty and Bad Waitress. I am not going to give any opinions on them because were I was standing at the front, the sound was poor. The Marshall amp was clearly set to 11 and right in front of me. All I could hear was strong bass.

I think the bassist for Ultra Q must have turned down the bass as it was more bearable for the rest of the evening. Hailing for Oakland and heading to the Great Escape. They didn’t stand out. Askewing the current fad of post-punk for something early 2000’s US rock.

Grungy Kills Birds upped the energy level. Lead singer, Nina Ljeti, immediately jumps around the stage with manic amounts of energy taking me back to the heydays of grunge. I think everyone in the room was left impressed by the band’s energy.

Closing the evening where the much touted Gustaf – and I can see why. Hailing from Brooklyn and having toured with Bodega are spoken in the same context. There are some similarities. The fall into the art-punk category. Post-punk with Talking Heads vibes, with singer, Lydia Gammill, blending music with performance. This isn’t the gothy post-punk that is the current vibe. These are tracks that get everyone dancing. They are really worth catching. Great fun and with good music.

I had to leave before they finished their set to catch the my train. I made it my 30 seconds. If I had missed it, it would have been a 45 minute wait. Five bands, great value for money. But the few minutes they were running late, meant I had to miss some of the set of the band I had come to see.

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