Lounge Society at The Horn

I don’t why, but Yorkshire seems to be producing a lot of good bands at the moment. Another comes along in the shape of Lounge Society. A band finding the post-punk sound helps voice their dissatisfaction with the society their parents have left them. Like other Yorkshire bands, they’ve managed to find their own distinctive voice.

You know the quality of the band if they’re signed to Speedy Wunderground. So it’s no surprise that tonight’s gig at the Horn was relatively busy for a band who haven’t yet release an album. Many no doubt drawn in by the regular 6 Music airplay. We were greeted by a band who will undoubtably get greater recognition this year. Tight and confident. In Cameron Davey the band has a vocalist who can do the classic disconnected stare and then be the explosive reactionary a few seconds later. I predict a very good 2022. These guys are only going to get bigger.

Support came for Bollo Bollo and Anyone’s Ghost

Set List

  • Cain’s Heresy
  • People Are Scary
  • Remains
  • Bloody Money
  • It’s Just A Ride
  • Upheaval
  • Burn The Heather
  • No Driver
  • Generation Game