Album of the Year 2020

My listening habits have changed massively this year. I decided at the beginning of the year to make best use of my Apple Music subscription and throughout the year I’ve tried to search out new music, adding at least half a dozen albums every week and I think I’ve listened to more new music this year than ever before.

However, normally, while I listen to music while working. Most of my listening is on my drive to work, travelling to gigs or my weekend walks. Without those activities, I’ve think overall, I’ve spent less time listening to music. This has meant many albums only got a single listen and it has made it really difficult to draw up a ‘top’ list this year. So I have a top five (plus an EP) that I listened to a lot, then the rest aren’t ranked. Rather controversially, my ‘Album’ of the Year is an EP!

  1. 176 – EP – Pozi
  2. Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future – Girls In Sythessis
  3. Navaraa: Nine Emotions – Yorkston/Thorne/Khan
  4. Architecture – Ist Ist
  5. Kompromat – I Like Trains
  6. In This Moment – Polly Scatrgood

And in no particular order, the rest of my ‘Top 20’

  • Rebecca – Clint Mansell
  • The Cool Greenhouse – The Cool Greenhouse
  • Hether Blether – Elrand Cooper
  • In The House – Lewsberg
  • Folkesange – Mykrur
  • Some Time Alone – Pale Honey
  • Every Bad – Porridge Radio
  • Fad – Silverbacks
  • Yesterday’s Gone – Dana Gavanski
  • West of Eden – HMTLD
  • Kitchen Sink – Nadine Shah
  • Idles – Fontaines DC
  • True History of the Kelly Gang – Jed Kurzel
  • Atomic Legacies – Xenia Pestova Benntet
  • All or Nothing – Shopping