The Murder Capital

After flitting it from the Agnes Obel album launch at Rough Trade East, I managed to get to the Electric Ballroom in time for The Murder Capital’s set.

The Murder Capital continue to grow as band. Their stage craft has been honed by constant touring over the last year and they are ready for the big venues. Although that isn’t going to come without some hitches.

The thing that separates the Murder Capital from their contemporaries is the way they mix strong emotions with songs with visceral energy. Unfortunately, emotional, but quiet songs aren’t necessary the kind of songs that will translate to bigger venues when you have larger numbers of pissed blokes and tonight there was small pockets that were impatient during the beginning of On Twisted Ground. This is going to only get worse as the venues get bigger, and bigger they almost certainly will. When everyone finally calmed down, the song thankfully packed the same emotional punch it had done at previous gigs.

Set list

  1. More Is Less
  2. For Everything
  3. Slowdance I
  4. Slowdance II
  5. On Twisted Ground
  6. Green & Blue
  7. Love, Love, Love
  8. Don’t Cling To Life
  9. Feeling Fades