July 2016

I’m really struggling to keep up. Finally getting round to pasting July’s review and it’s October!

This month’s bands

New bands are in italics

Bands I liked

Left With Pictures, Bat For Lashes, Dream Wife, Shame, Magic Gang, The Wytches, Lola Colt, Bonfire Nights, Lisa Knapp, Low Anthem, Suuns, Cult of Dom Keller, Dirty White Fever, Martha, The Leisure Society, Danny and the Champions of the World, Steven James Adams, Kitty Daisy and Lewis

Bands that were okay

Douglas Dare, Spring King, The Hermes Experiment, Brix Smith, Coldredlight, Bee Bakare, BJ Barham, The Sun Days, Swampmother, Happy Accident, Daniel Glover, Wyldest, Applewood Road, 

Bands I won’t be going out of my way to see again

Stranger Stranger, Cecil Sharp House Choir, Cellars

Best Gig

The best gig was the Hyde Park gig that was moved to the Dome, featuring The Wytches, Dream Wife, Shame, Magic Gang and Spring King. There was a great atmosphere with some brilliant bands.

Best new band

Bat For Lashes – why I haven’t bothered to see her before, I really don’t know. What a beautiful voice

Albums of the month

  • Minor Victories – Minor Victories
  • Goodbye to the Light – Cult of Dom Keller
  • Blisters in the Pit of My Heart – Martha
  • Hold/Still – Suuns

Best photo

The Wytches gig had the most stage diving I’ve seen in one gig. I moved to the back towards the end and I just love this photo.

BST Popup: Wytches