Personal Trainer

Patrons of the Horn were in for a treat tonight. Three bands from the Netherlands touring together. With Personal Trainer headlining, it was always going to be worth the price of admission. Bringing along two talented bands, in the form of the Klittens and Real Farmer, it felt like we were mugging the venue.

Real Farmer were new to me. A punk rock band with delivery that reminded me of the Rollins Band (though a lot less angry!). I wasn’t sure for the first song if they would be my thing. But by midway through their second song I was aboard for the ride and they will be somebody I see again

The Klittens had impressed playing a pre-TGE party in 2022. Tonight’s lineup looked different with the bass player from Real Farmer doubling up. They sound a bit garagey. They’re much tighter than when I first saw them. But I’m not sure that’s the sound they go for. They just enjoy making music

Closing the evening were Personal Trainer. Built around their engaging singer Willem Smit featuring a changing cast, they’ve built a reputation of playing fun shows. Tonight was no exception. There’s a cheekiness to Willem’s persona. You feel he is enjoying life and his positiveness is infectious. Tonight, was no exception