Steve Mason

Before tonight, I thought the Beta band had passed me by and I didn’t know any of their or Steve Mason’s solo music. At £25, it was an expensive ticket for an artist I don’t know and I thought twice about going. To some extent, Ed Tattersall being added to the bill helped make my decision. Ed is always worth watching. But even so, £25 was a lot of money for somebody I didn’t know.

Thankfully, it was worth the gamble. It turns out I knew more of the music than I was aware of. It must have permeated through radio and TV without me knowing. It helped that Steve is a very good front person, always engaging with receptive audience, and has a great voice, reminding me a little of Guy Garvey’s vocals. If I’m honest, the songs weren’t actually something I would think about listening to. In other hands, the songs probably would have passed me by. But with Steve’s vocals and his talented band, I found I really enjoyed the evening and would happily catch him again.