Reverend and the Makers

First of two acoustic evenings with the Reverend and the Makers to celebrate the release of their latest album, Heatwave in the North taking the show to smaller venues he had never played before.

Jon McClure was one of those artists who put time into supporting their fans during lockdown, even playing on Christmas Day for those who couldn’t spend Christmas with family. I attended a few of his events. Jon and his wife and keyboard player in the band, Laura, seemed to be two of those genuine people who are happy to give up their time for others.

Attending both evenings, was my attempt at saying thank you. It helps that Jon is a larger-than-life presence on stage, so I knew both nights would be fun.

Tonight, playing solos. Songs from the new album sounded really good live, with Heatwave in the North clearly on its way to becoming a fan favourite. Jon finished the evening off by playing his encore in the street (to some complaints