Battle of the Bands – Semi-Final 1

Another Battle of the Bands night and the first of the four semi-finals. Four different styles. I didn’t feel any were distinctive enough to stand out in the crowded music scene. But it was still a decent evening of music.

Half Cut Mind – Probably the most talented of the bands. Half Cut Mind are a two-piece band. Guitar and drums, with musicians contributing to the vocals. Heavily influenced by the Queens of the Stone Age. So much so they covered one of their songs. There was some great guitar playing but I felt it was a case of both musicians writing music to show how clever a musician they are and it got a bit boring at times

Beaf – Pop punk band. Talky lyrics. Fun at times. Played all their own songs. They brought the most people so were always going to win. They got my vote simply because they didn’t play a cover version.

Psychodrive – Death metal band. Seemed to lack any confidence and hid behind masks. Not to my taste

Picture the Scene – Frontman has a lot of energy. The sound was a bit grungy at times. The band would benefit from a fourth member so the singer can concentrate on singing and allow them to be a bit more experimental with the guitar parts. For me, they relied on asking the audience to clap too often. It fills up the set. But it is a bit forceful and creates a false sense of enjoyment. While most of the set was their own music, they covered Wet Leg’s Chaise Lounge. But all the fun was drained out of it. They were the most finished band of the evening. However, the cover lost them the win.