one of those evenings when the lineup seemed like an odd combination. 

First up were Giant Swan who danced behind keyboards turning knobs and occasionally stabbing at keys. There were patches of interesting sounds, mainly when they used a guitar but for much of the performance it was rather poor. 

Giant Swan supporting the Spectres at the Lexington

Next up was Our Girl. Hmmm. Not sure what I think about this band. My impressions were much the same as last time. One really good song to finish off the set, but the rest, seemed to be missing something. Not bad, just not quiet there

Our Girl supporting the Spectres at the Lexington

Closing the evening, playing in near darkness with only stark black and white imagery projected behind them, were Spectres.  Their darks, oppressive psyche sound was really good. Really good. Definitely a band to catch again


Spectres at the Lexington
Spectres at the Lexington