Daylight Music 362 (gallery)

I wasn’t expecting to shoot Daylight Music. I wasn’t even expecting to be at Daylight Music as I had a ticket for the WideAwake Festival. However, an invite to a wedding reception meant I had to give up my festival ticket, but luckily there was just enough time to head into London and catch Daylight Music before heading to the wedding. It was a good thing too. One of the photographers couldn’t make the session and so I acted as cover

As is often the case with Daylight. This was an eclectic lineup.

The School of Noise held a workshop before the concert that encouraged kids to create music using different bits of junk. It was great seeing the kids enjoy performing the piece in front of the audience and their parents joined in with a piece that involved spoken word.

Yukiko Matsukura brought a taste of Japan with some traditional Japanese songs played on a guitar

Closing the afternoon was Rosie Turton who combined trombone with modular synth.