Lottery Winners

After this afternoon’s enjoyable gig with Snuff, it was time to continue the fun with Lottery Winners, a band I have to admit, hasn’t crossed my path.

Opening the evening were Colchester band Pet Needs. An energetic pop punk band with a hyperactive singer who never stopped moving around the stage at right angles. This isn’t really my type of music to. But I enjoyed their performance.

On the subject of not my type of music. Listening to Lottery Winners music on Apple Music didn’t do much for me. The kind of inoffensive Manchester indie pop that doesn’t do enough for me. But as this was a local gig on a Sunday evening, it was worth the short drive to Hertford.

I think it is safe to say, I was blown away by this band in the flesh.

The lead singer, Thom Rylance, is one part wannabe rock god, one part Peter Kay. Somebody who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Almost like Coronation Street had written a part for a local rock star, overacted for comedy effect.

Looking at the length of the set list and with it being an early start, I assumed it was going to be an early night. But Thom joked on as much as he sang. Starting right from the off with a series of amusing plugs for their forthcoming album. Normally, artists plugging too heavily seem needy and annoying. But here it was part of their charm.

When it came to the music. Live, I found the music much more interesting than on record. While, still not something I would go out of my way to listen to on record. The performance create fun infectious indie pop. At one point it was bassist, Katie Lloyd’s turn to sing. Thom jokingly pointed out that he wrote the song (he plays the needy part well) and as she sang, an easel was brought on stage and Thom painted a flower – something you could win if you bought a pre-order link to the album. Everything seemed to be done in good humour and the band seemed to be enjoying the roles they played.

I think to is safe to say, this is the best gig so far at the still new Corn Exchange. But it will take something to beat this fun gig. I would be surprised if this doesn’t feature in my favourite gigs of the year.