Corn Exchange 12th April

With no plans in London, I thought I would give the lineup at the Corn Exchange a listen.

First band Bad Habits had a bit of a nightmare. The singer kept forgetting his lyrics. A learning experience for him and the band. But I am sure they will learn from it. I think it all collapsed when he hit a bad cord and started to watch his chord changes too much and lost his train of thought. Once he started, it was downhill from there. But credit to him and the band. They kept plugging away and didn’t completely lose their heads. These things happen. Better to happen in front of a small friendly crowd.

Next up wereJunction 28. Describing themselves as a synth metal band, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. While not really something I would listen to on record, live, they were enjoyable fair putting in an energetic and fun performance. The switch in sounds with the more synth heavy songs, meant they didn’t become boring or too derivative at any time.

Closing the evening were the most interesting band on paper, with two singers, violins and keyboards, along with the usual indie setup. Sadly, their performance didn’t hold me.