Anna B Savage

This was my second encounter with Anna B Savage. A Rough Trade in-store to celebrate the release of her new album, inFLUX. She has a distinctive voice. The first time I saw her, I found her voice a bit wearing. It is just me. I find’ unnatural’ voices tiring over a long set. Even when I like them, like Anna’s, they can be an issue for me. Men and women singing too high or low, can stretch my attention. Tonight’s stripped back set, seeing Anna play acoustic guitar, didn’t wear me out. Instead, the vocals seemed to blend really well with the acoustic guitar.

The set mainly consisted of songs from her new album. I had only listened to it once before tonight. A bit of self-therapy with Anna reflecting on past relationships. On tonight’s evidence, there isn’t a weak song amongst them. They all sounded great in their stripped-back form, each introduced with Anna’s endearing sense of humour. Highlight for me was probably ‘I can hear birds now’. But it was a very strong set.

Anna plays the Village Underground next month. Despite not liking the venue which usually stops me from seeing artists there. Based on tonight’s performance, it is looking tempting.

  • Hungry
  • A Common Tern
  • I Can Hear The Birds Now
  • Crown Shyness
  • Say My Name
  • Pavlov’s Dog
  • The Ghost
  • Corncrakes
  • The Orange

Photos were shot in silent mode so I didn’t disturb the audience. However, Rough Trade’s lights have caused interference patterns on many of the photos. They can’t be helped.