Hannah Peel

During lockdown, my day evolved into distinct blocks. A work block, an evening block for cooking and watching TV and because I stay up late, there was the midnight block for listening to music, reading, playing computer games and reprocessing old photos for a daily ‘from the archives’ Instagram post. I found Radio 3’s ‘Night Tracks’ which Hannah presents and ‘Through the Night’ were the perfect way of creating the ambiance for my late night activity. Hannah Peel’s beautiful voice very much helped keep me sane.

In 2021, Hannah released Fir Wave, her lockdown album. Inspired by ‘Electrosonic, the music of Delia Derbyshire and the Radiophonic Workshop‘. Hannah sampled and reinterpreted the work, producing a beautiful textured open soundscape. Tonight, was the first performance of the album.

I think it is impossible for an electronic artist, not to be inspired by Delia Derbyshire. Accompanied by Hazel Mills, the mainly electronic piece, is Hannah’s tribute to an artist who clearly inspires her. Hannah and Hazel created layers upon layers of textured sounds that never felt forced. Each texture given its own space, creating a sense of reflection. It was simply beautiful. A sublime way to spend an evening.