Harp and a Monkey

A bit of a random gig. With no Daylight Music at the moment to inspire me go into London on a Saturday. I searched around to find some afternoon music and discovered there was a matinee event with an interesting sounding folk group, Harp and a Monkey at the Green Note. Unbelievably, I have only ever been to the Green Note once before. It seemed like a good enough reason to reacquaint myself with the venue.

The Green Note was very much like I remember it. A cafe / bar at one end. A small number of tables and chairs facing a very small stage. A nice little space for folk music. I shall have to keep an eye on their afternoon matinee sessions. It is a nice space to spend a weekend afternoon.

The Harp and a Monkey are a folk group from the North West who mix stories and music covering traditional folk songs, Victoriana, songs about World War 1 and even mole catchers! Each song affably introduced by Martin Purdy. I actually felt like I was learning as I listened. Who knew there used to be an English tradition of men selling wives to get round the fact that you couldn’t divorce? The music followed standard folk structures. But there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it was a really enjoyable set and I will happily catch these guys again.

Set List

  • The Manchester Angel
  • The Willow and Ghost
  • Bolten’s Yard
  • Pigrim’s Cross
  • Molecatcher
  • Digging Holes
  • Calico Printr’s Clerk
  • Ten Shilling Wife
  • Victorians
  • Growing Together
  • Gallipoli Oak
  • Clean White Sheets (The Nellie Spindler Song)
  • A Naked Man in Paradise
  • Tupperware and Tinfoil
  • Pay Day
  • Katy and the Twinkly Band??
  • ??