Deadletter at the Lexington

I caught Deadletter at an IVW event at the Social in February. They were impressive that evening. My initial impressions were confirmed at the Great Escape when they played the BBC Introducing stage impressing Steve Lamacq, who has since then regularly pushed their music on his show.

Tonight was another BBC Introducing Show and another chance to catch them before they head off to bigger and better things. Deadletter were part of an otherwise weak BBC Introducing lineup (for my taste). Featuring yet another Radio 1 destined TikTok singer songwriter, Nieve Ella, and a dance music band from Dublin, Just Wondering, who seem to think autotuning their vocals is a good thing. Thankfully, Deadletter saved the evening.

After an unusual evening where the lights were on in the Lexington. The lights were dimmed for their more moody performance. The intimate crowd were receptive to the band from the off. Unlike last time at the 100 Club. The moshing was all pleasant. Just as it should be. Full of people enjoying themselves and not trying to hurt people (which my recently recovered knee is pleased about).

It is nearly a year since I first saw Deadletter. During that time they have released a new EP, Heat! and honed their already formidable live performances. Tonight, they played 12 songs that should provide a good base to build on, when they inevitably play bigger venues next year.

Most of songs from Heat! got an airing. While songs like Fit for Work already has the audience singing along. All the new songs all have catchy choruses and are very danceable, while keeping the observation, politics and wit of earlier songs.

Closing the show, Zeitgeist, is probably the highlight of the EP. The strong moody baseline drives the music, building the tension as Zac tells us that a change is coming. Then it kicks into a higher gear as the sax comes in for a brief stab of anarchy. It is the ability to switch gears, injecting an extra layer of energy with the saxophone, while keeping everything dark and moody that separates this band from other post-punk bands.

This was another amazing performance. These guys are going to be big in 2023

Set List

  • Hysterical Strength
  • Pop Culture Connoisseur
  • More Heat!
  • Weights
  • Madge’s Declaration
  • Practise What You Preach
  • Snitching
  • Degenerate Inanimate
  • Binge
  • Hero
  • Fit For Work
  • Zeitgeist