The Cool Greenhouse

Finally caught up with The Cool Greenhouse. I have missed them on two separate occasions. So I was pleased to finally catch them. Tonight was the album launch for their second album, ‘Sod’s Toastie’. I really enjoyed their first album so was looking forward to hearing them live. Tonight was mainly music from their new album. The new material follows the same template as the first album. Talking over post-punk music with a touch of Velvet Underground. Although one song did feature singing. The talking worked better. They were good. I am pleased I finally caught up with them.

  • Musicans
  • Sod’s Toastie
  • Cardboard Man
  • 4Chan
  • The End Of The World
  • Hard Rock Potato
  • I Lost My Head
  • Alexa!
  • Get Deluded
  • Get Unjaded