The Murder Capital

With a new album next year, The Murder Capital have been playing some low key acoustic gigs as a warm up. Tonight they played the Troubadour, a venue I had never been too before.

Arriving early, I was expecting to find a pub at the end of my journey. I was surprised to find the Troubadour was a restaurant. Excepting there to be a place to have a drink, I was given a table and a menu brought to me. Realising I was holding a space on a busy Friday night. I ordered some very expensive fries and expensive soft drink. If you are arriving early for a gig. I suggest finding a local pub.

The venue is in the basement and it turns out there is a second entrance for the venue and what a lovely little venue it is. They’ve made an effort to make the place interesting. Complete with an alter to Jimmy Hendrix and wall of musical saints.

The Troubadour

I wasn’t sure what to expect with a stripped back set. Much of their charm is the post-punk guitars providing contrast to James, often mournful vocals. But it worked and was a good way to introduce us to their new songs, which from early previews seem to be moving away from the post-punk template.

Since I last saw them, James appears to have turned into an extra from the Professionals. All very late-70s throwback. Not sure if this is a reflection of the sound of the new album. But he pulled off the look.

The acoustic setup put James’ vocals front and centre. He has such a great voice. It is what set this band apart. The new songs all worked well live. I look forward to seeing hearing them. Highlight though, as always, was the majestic On Twisted Ground. As an acoustic track, it was simply sublime.

Rather amusingly, the band left the stage to their usual ‘we don’t do encores’ only to re-appear a minute later exclaiming ‘We forgot to play Ethel’!

I guess it is going to be rare that we get an opportunity to see the band play small venues. I am really glad I dragged myself into London on a Friday night and across town for this. It really was a bit special.