Deadletter at 100 Club

I’m writing this almost a month after the gig and I am still carrying a knee injury from being down at the front at the packed 100 Club. The issue with bands with a predominantly male membership who play loud rock music, is they often attract arseholes who think having a good time is causing as much hassle in the mosh as possible. Sadly, on tonight’s evidence, Deadletter have already gathered some. You can see one of them in the first picture. Lads who think it is great fun to try their hardest to push everyone over. In a good mosh. Everyone looks after each other. They do not try and hurt people. When bands attract this crowd, it is usually the when I jump off. I will hold on for a few more gigs before moving on. I suspect this was a one off.

Deadletter are probably the best new band I have seen this year. From the tiny Social, they have picked up the backing of people like Steve Lamacq after their fantastic Great Escape performance (and he was in the audience). On tonight’s evidence, playing a much longer headline set. They have the songs and the politics good post-punk bands need and they are developing into a top-tier band. It won’t be long before they are playing much bigger venues.

Support was from the Heartworms who used a theremin to give them a unique sound and are worth another listen. Humour, from Glasgow, tried but failed to create an anarchic Gilla Band, type sound. Nice try, but they just didn’t work for me.