Great Escape 2014 – Day 3

Sometimes you have one of these days where you appear to be destined to see dross or changeovers. It’s one of the risks go taking the approach of bouncing around. I wanted to try some of the other venues which meant they were a little bit more dispersed and unfortunately I just seemed to catch changeovers for most of the afternoon. The bands I did catch simply didn’t register or where actually rubbish.

Thankfully my mood was lightened late afternoon when I stumbled upon a line-up change at the Tube, Kill Moon who played an excellent set helped by the fantastic venue. (It really is a tiny tube in the Brighton sea wall)

After that things improved with an ‘off festival’ show featuring The Physics House Band, Slow Club and the Amazing Snakeheads, a band I failed to catch due to the long queues outside of the tiny Hope the night before.

The evening was closed off with some ‘knowns’, White Lung, a disappointing Mazes, an interesting performance from Arc Iris, a band who clearly listened to too much Frank Zappa and watching too many Yes performances. Finally my festival closed with Trans.

I managed to catch:

The Great Escape - Day 3: Josh Flowers and the Wild
Josh Flowers and the Wild – great performance in the challenging Hub Tent

The Great Escape - Day 3: Hollie Cook
Hollie Cook – great voice

Gallery Circus – Energetic performance but the music didn’t work for me

Audience Killers – didn’t like the lead singer’s voice

The Great Escape - Day 3: Boy Jumps Ship
Boy Jumps Ship – skater rock of the Biffy Clyro book of music. Exactly!

The Great Escape - Day 3: Kill Moon
Kill Moon – great performance

The Physics House Band – sound like a complex equation imagined in music.

Slow Club – good performance, though fairly bland

The Great Escape - Day 3: Amazing Snakeheads
Amazing Snakeheads – great live

The Great Escape - Day 3: Kieran Leonard
Kieran Leonard – hard to judge. Singing unaided in a museum

The Great Escape - Day 3: Charlie Cunningham
Charlie Cunningham – as above

The Great Escape - Day 3: HSY
HSY – lots of energy and shouting. Great if you like that sort of thing. Personally not my cup of tea.

The Great Escape - Day 3: White Lung
White Lung – not as pissed of as the first time I saw them, but still good.

The Great Escape - Day 3: Mazes
Mazes – disappointed. Too much new material that doesn’t sound as interesting as their earlier material

The Great Escape - Day 3: Arc Iris
Arc Iris – lots of really talents musicians living out the 1970s prog scene through the filter of Frank Zappa. Definitely a marmite band. I quiet enjoyed it. But I won’t rush out to see them again

The Great Escape - Day 3: TRANS
Trans – sound issues aside, another great performance.