Press Club at the Horn (Gallery)

I am trying to support my local venue as much as possible. I am also using a gig at the Horn as an excuse to work from my office, rather than working from my home office. This means I have been catching bands who I otherwise might not watch. Tonight, that meant catching Australian punk band Press Club. It’s not 70s style British punk or the 80s style

Australian band, Press Club play that direct punk sound that’s been popular since the 90s. Fast guitars. Verse followed by a callout chorus. Shouty but melodic (especially the choruses). The kind of thing Download audiences like. Tonight, they showed why it works. Full of energy, Natalie had the crowd singing every line right from the off and eating out of her hands. It was fun to watch, even if it’s not my type of music.

Support was from Rolled Up Sleeves and TMCF. Both of whom showed a lot of potential.