Myrkur straddles the overlap between black metal and folk. It isn’t as odd as it sounds, since both can explore supernatural and fantastical themes. With her Folkesange album, Myrkur explored traditional Scandinavian folk music. Her most recent album Spline is more a mixture of the two extremes with more layered etherial music giving way to much heavier death metal. It is this blend that attracts a surprisingly musically diverse audience. It also leaves you wondering which version of Myrkur you are going to see. Tonight was mostly Spline related content, that mixes both. I enjoyed the evening, but would have preferred more of her folk arrangements to have been included. But her cover of House Carpenter was absolutely beautiful.

Support was from Jonathan Hultén.

Set list

  • Bålfærd
  • Like Humans
  • Mothlike
  • My Blood Is Gold
  • Spine
  • Valkyriernes sang
  • Dybt i skoven
  • The Serpent
  • Crown
  • Blazing Sky
  • Devil in the Detail
  • House Carpenter
  • Bonden og kragen
  • Leaves of Yggdrasil
  • Ulvinde
  • Death of Days