Daylight Music 330

For Daylight’s 10th Anniversary, they put on a ‘Mystery Edition’, featuring artists from throughout their 10 years. They decided to repeat it this year. It’s a bold move to put on a session neither you or your artists can advertise. The risk is no one turns up. Thankfully, yesterday, there was an audience who were lucky enough to see a truly eclectic mix of music that highlighted the best of Daylight, with everything from Bowie, to a classical piece featuring organ and cello

There was a theme, love in all it’s forms and each artist was asked to play a song or piece that reflected some aspect of love. Cunning Folk expressed his love for David Bowie, playing Modern Love. Terry Edwards and Paul Cuddeford covered My Funny Valentine. There was even the music of love, a tango from David Zucchini and Inigo Mikeleiz-Berrade. Overall, it worked really well.

Closing the afternoon was the comic dance troupe ‘The Action Men’ with their take on a run away bride. Silly, but fun.