August 2017

This month’s bands

Artists I liked

The Duke Spirit, Warm Digits, Nadine Shah, Flirting, Ghostpoet

Artists that were okay

Faces of Eve, Dream State, Drones, When Young, Baby In Vain, Son Joan, Wayne, Honey Joy


Artists I won’t be going out of my way to see again

HeadAche, Waterbaby

Best Gig

Nadine Shah edges this over Ghostpoet. But both were excellent

Best new band

Warm Digits

Albums of the Month

  • Peach – Deerful
  • Thankful Villages 1&2 – Darren Hayman
  • The Hayman Kupa Band – The Hayman Kupa Band
  • Dark Days and Capapés – Ghostpoet
  • Holiday Destinations – Nadine Shah

Best photo

The Duke Spirit at Rough Trade