Karen Elson at Rough Trade

April 2017

This month’s bands

Artists I liked

Xenia Pestova, British Sea Power x4, The Blinders, Sorry (previously Fish), Phobophobes, Peluché, Harpo Smith, Nadine Shah, Seán McGowan, Pumarosa, Novella, Average Sex, Thurston Moore, Hand Habits

Artists that were okay

Shawn James, Blue House, Sophie Hutchings, Arthur Lea, Lorenzo Masotto, Rose Elinor Dougall, Vinyl Staircase, Sam Rabin, Ten Tonnes, Karen Elson, Maxïmo ParkDhrala, Amber Arcades, Sugar Candy Mountain


Artists I won’t be going out of my way to see again


Best Gig

British Sea Power took me on a mini tour of the UK. As always, they were excellent. Nadine Shah returned with a fantastic new sound. My highlight though, was the excellent Pumarosa at the Oval Space.

Best new band

There was no outstanding new band this month.

Albums of the Month

  • Rock N Roll Consciousness – Thurston Moore

Best photo

Pumarosa at Oval Space