The Temples at Rough Trade

February 2017

This month’s bands

Bands I liked

Vyk Non, Temples, The Leaf Library, Big Thief, Jess Williamson, The Vaulted Skies, Catholic Action, Hen OgleddEmma Kupa, Laura Cannell, Essen and the Witch, Indian Queens, Yassassin, Fews

Bands that were okay

Grounds, Bette Noire, ISAN, Amelia Lappert, Stevie Parker, The Great Electric, eagleowl , Neon Waltz

Bands I won’t be going out of my way to see again

Wild Daughter, Alex Taylor, Hope, Charlie Manning, Judah Gayle, Glass Table Girls

Best Gig

Some great gigs this month. Fews were great at the Moth Club. But the highlight was Esben and the Witch.

Best new band

Big Thief

Albums of the Month

  • Strike a Match – Sacred Paws
  • The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads (Remaster) – Lift to Experience
  • Heart Song – Jess Williamson

Best photo

Fews at the Moth Club