Folly Group

An album release gig at Rough Trade East for Folly Group. They played music from all their EPs and new album. There are similarities with Squid and Black Midi. Singing drummer. Some songs are infectious angular post-punk pop. But like those two bands. They like to head away from the tried and tested formula to experiment with their own sound. Changing time signatures, at times a bit math rock, then other times, loose. Well worth catching and give their new album a listen.

  • Four Wheel Drive
  • East Flat Crows
  • But No Rifle
  • Pressure Pad
  • Fashionista
  • Big Ground
  • Nest
  • Bright Night
  • I’ll Do What I Can
  • Strange Neighbour
  • Frame
  • Sandfight
  • I Raise You (The Price On Your Head)