August Review

Another weak month for music. I guess everyone’s away playing festivals. The Proms kept me ticking over, but far too quiet.

This month’s bands

New bands are in italics

Bands I liked:
Girl Band, Jet Setter, Fever Dream, Hunck, The Wharves, Eureka California, Mammoth Penguins

Bands I didn’t dislike:
The Left Outsides, Pete Astor, Bookshop, House Plants, Seeds of Doubt, Joya, Brute Love, The Spook School, Tigercats, Colleen Green, September Girls

Bands I won’t be going out of my way to see again:

Best gig:
Girl Band

Best new band:
Eureka California

Best photo:
Although this isn’t the clearest photo and looks like it’s been taken with an iPhone. For some reason I like this photo.
Girl Band at the Lexington

Albums of the month:

  • Drinks
  • Queen Kwong