September Girls at the Shacklewell

Another All-Dayer at the Shacklewell with a decent selection of bands.

Eureka California
Fun set from an engaging Eureka California setting the bar on audience participation.

Mammoth Penguins
Unlike last month’s Lexington gig, tonight Mammoth Penguin played a great glitch free gig.

Spook School
I heard good things about Spook School. They were fun. They didn’t quite work for me. But I will give them another listen

Nice set from Tigercats

Colleen Green
Colleen Green played an interesting set. I thought maybe she was touring without her band so there was something missing from her normal sound. But watching videos afterwards, it seems she doesn’t have a band. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She had some interesting material. I just didn’t feel using an iPad to provide a rhythm section did the material justice.

September Girls
It’s about 18 months since I last saw a full September Girls set. I loved their first album and thought the beefing up of some of the songs on their last EP improved an already good album. So I was expecting to be blown away tonight. Sadly, I found their set a bit hit and miss.