Daylight Music – 23rd May 2015

A pretty decent line-up at Daylight Music today. First up was Jon DeRosa from the USA. He was pretty good with some nice old fashioned melodies. He kind of reminded me of Roy Orbison. Which is no bad thing in my opinion.

Daylight Music 23rd May - Jon DeRosa

Next up was somebody who blew me away. Poppy Ackroyd plays minimalist classical inspired tracks using a violin, piano and repeat pedals. Although, I tend to find repeat pedals are overused at present. There’s something about simple progressional minimalist classical music that lends itself to the way you gradually build up the music by laying down a track, hitting repeat and then laying the next track down. I thought the music she produced was simply beautiful. Probably the best act I’ve seen at Daylight Music.

Daylight Music 23rd May - Poppy Ackroyd

Final act was a Welsh group called Winter Villains who were also pretty enjoyable.

Daylight Music 23rd May - Winter Villains