‘The World At Our Feet’ – Fat Concubine

I caught the duo Fat Concubine playing the Horn earlier in the year. While I think they left many bemused, I was fascinated by their dystopia-industrial-art-punk and a performance that included them playing a hairdryer. This was performance art and I enjoyed the fact they were trying to do something different.

‘The World At Our Feet’ is the duo’s first single. The track drips with a cyberpunk aesthetic that wouldn’t be out of place in dark underbelly of Bladerunner. The song feels like it comes from a decaying dystopian near future where we have lost our dreams and are slaves to the system. 

Driving the song is a heavy persistent beat, like a massive sheet metal press is pounding away in the background. It is hypnotic, but also oppressive. Ominous electronic music is punctuated by detached vocals. Shouts of ‘Here we are, the world at our feet’, isn’t the chant of somebody who is optimistic that change is coming. There is a distressed realisation that he is no longer in control of his destiny and is but a cogs in the machine, but also the faintest of hopes that they will achieve the impossible.

In a goth club, I am sure this will go down a storm. Even for the non-goths amongst us, I found it very danceable. Fat Concubine are not trying to play to commercial trends. They are doing their own thing. If you want to listen to something different, I can recommend this slice of dystopian art-punk. 

‘The World at Our Feet’ was released on 1st September and is available from Bandcamp