The Turkish Makam: Rum Composers and Greek Folk of Istanbul

A Sunday afternoon in the Green Note listening to Turkish Makam music. It is not a genre I have much knowledge of. According to my WordPress AI assistant….

“Turkish Makam is a system of melody types utilized in Ottoman classical music and Turkish folk music. The system has a rich history and dates back to the 13th century. At its core, it is made up of 53 different melody types, each with their own unique character and feeling. The melody types are arranged into groups, which are called usuls. These groups are further divided into families, each of which has its own characteristic feel and mood. Overall, the Turkish Makam system is a fascinating and complex musical tradition that is well worth exploring.”

The group played a variety of music, mainly from the folk traditions, not only Turkish, but also other parts of the Otteman Empire. This was an entertaining and educational afternoon exploring music and the instruments of this tradition.